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Hey kids! I’m Steve Cook, and I’d be lying if I said that I was always excited about the idea of this show. Ric Flair setting foot into a wrestling ring and trying to have a match at the age of 73 isn’t exactly my idea of a good time. I’d planned on not giving the show any of my interest, but three things changed my mind.

1. My work schedule has limited my live wrestling viewing this month. There are plenty of months where that wouldn’t matter, but WWE decided to jam two of their biggest events of the year into July at times where I was otherwise booked. Not to mention there was a TripleMania and an ROH PPV I was unable to cover. I’m pretty sure Ashish has forgotten I’m still around, so I should take this opportunity to boost myself back up the 411mania pecking order.

2. As much as saying such a thing risks cancellation at this point, Ric Flair’s still a big part of my wrestling fandom. I know Flair hated all of his matches after WrestleMania XXIV (most of us did), but I liked the fact I was able to attend his penultimate antepenultimate match, which took place at TNA Lockdown 2011 in Cincinnati. If this actually is his last match, I should be the one to cover it for the people. Besides, I think my Top 7 article on Vince McMahon pretty much ensured my cancellation, so I can’t bother worrying about that at this point.

3. The card as a whole actually looks pretty good!

As I write this introduction, there’s a chance I might miss part of the pre-show due to work obligations. Hopefully they don’t pull a Tony Khan and book three random matches on it. Maybe they’ll have Eric Bischoff come out and talk about Manscaped & Blue Chew for an hour.


Hey folks, Jeremy Thomas here. Steve will be missing the pre-show so if there are any matches, I’ll be your guide through them. Steve will be back for the main card though, so worry not! And if there are no pre-show matches… well, it’s nice to see y’all!

* We’re live from the Nashville Auditorium as the pre-preshow shows us what is honestly a pretty solid card all in all. Tony Schiavone is here with David Crockett to call the action. Hugo Savonivch and Carlos Cabrera are the Spanish announce team, and Ian Riccoboni is here to help with the first match: Ren Narita vs. Yuya Uemura

Narita and Uemura feel each other out and go into some counterwrestling to start, Uemura getting the best of the starting grappling. Lokcup and a headlock by Narita, he’s shot off the ropes but holds onto the hold. Narita back into the ropes, Uemura with an armdrag and a second into a shoulderlock. Narita takes over with some knees to the side and kicks at him, they start trading chops from here but Narita takes over and stomps on Uemura’s back. Forearms by Uemura, but Narita drops him and nails some big kicks to the back.

Elbow to the back of the head by Narita and then forearm shots, a stomp to the back and he comes off the ropes into a dropkick from Uemura! Forearms by Uemura and a leaping double forearm off the ropes, crossbody and bulldog for two.

Narita is taken over with a wristlock, and Uemura tries to lock in an armbar but Narita gets his feet to the ropes for the break. Uemura snaps Ren’s arm over his shoulder and locks in a Cobra abdominal stretch. Narita escapes and hits a German suplex for two. They’re trading forearms now, Narita takes over but eats a Euro uppercut, Uemura off the ropes into a big boot but he enzuigiris him and comes into the ropes — he’s caught with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and Narita bridges for the pin!

Winner: Ren Narita (5:57)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Decent match to start it off. It never went too far out of second gear and it didn’t have the time for real greatness, but it was not bad at all.

(Video) Live Rounds 61 - Triple H Era Begins! Ric Flair's Last Match! WWE SummerSlam Review!


All right, Steve Cook here with you, and we’ve got Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal on a boat.

Al Snow & Anthony Cirelli are in attendance. There’s Frank the Clown! Where’s Noelle?

DAVE PRAZAK is here to join Tony & David for the next match!

Frank the Clown came in & cut a promo. Jacob Fatu scared him out of the ring, but here’s Mick Foley walking up behind him! Have a nice day! Foley offers the handshake and hug, and then tosses him into the ring!

Dixie Carter, Nick Aldis, Trish Stratus, Kurt Angle, Cody Rhodes all wish Ric luck.

Bunkhouse Battle Royale: Adam Priest vs. Big Damo vs. Brian Myers vs. Bully Ray vs. Crimson vs. Crowbar vs. Gringo Loco vs. James Storm vs. Kal Herro vs. Komander vs. Rickey Shane Page vs. Sinn Bodhi vs. Wolfie D vs. TBA: We got a bunch of people already in the ring. Sinn Bodhi gets an entrance, which is cool since he’s followed me on Twitter for years. James Storm hasn’t followed me on Twitter for years, but he also gets an entrance. Bully Ray has the temerity and the unmitigated gall to come out to “Welcome to the Jungle”. And away we go, and everybody be clubberin! Tony comments on a commotion going on around the truck backstage, we’ll hear about that later I’m sure. I hear bells tolling. Oh shoot, it’s Nick Fricking Gage! He’s here to provide some GCW representation in the Bunkhouse Battle Royale. Gage & Bully Ray stare each other down. Gage asks where his gang is at. Joey Janela, Jordan Oliver and many other GCW wrestlers enter the match and go right after Bully Ray! James Storm picks Kal Herro up for the 8 second ride and tosses him out. Big Damo gets tossed out. Sinn Bodhi & Mance Warner go at it. Jordan Oliver hits a big move on Crimson, he & a bunch of other people get Crimson onto the apron. The Second-Year Crew end up getting Crimson out of the match. Gringo Loco & Komander up on the turnbuckle, Loco ends up moonsaulting Damo on the floor, which means he’s out. Komander walks the ropes and hits a tope, but he eliminated himself in the process. At least he did something to stand out? He got a replay! Wolfie D has a hubcap, he uses it on everybody until Janela takes him out. Sinn Bodhi has another ring rope for some reason. Effy is in this match apparently. Bodhi gets taken out. Bully Ray slams Myers, Crowbar tries to hit the what’s up, but Effy stops it and knocks Crowbar out. Ah, Effy wants to do the what’s up. Ray tells Effy to get the tables, then tosses him out of the ring. Matthew Justice, Manders, Jordan Oliver, Brian Myers, Blake Christian all exit via Bully Ray. Storm & Janela skin the cat. Warner tosses Storm, Ray tosses Janela, and we’re down to the Mancer & the Bully. Ray decks Warner, then gets his own table. Bully Ray powerbombs Warner through the table. Now he’s gotta throw the man over the top rope. But Mancer pulls the ol’ reversal and tosses Bully Ray!

Winner: Mance Warner
Match Rating: **1/2

GCW stands tall! PBRs for everybody! I assume this will lead to a six-month run for Bully Ray as GCW’s top heel. Mancer talks to Tony about it. He’s got the boot, he’s got the belt, he’s going to the pay window. Bully shows up, and he actually raises the man’s hand and beers him. Tony is invited to hang out later.

Sting has all the respect in the world for Ric Flair. He knows Flair put him on the map. There will be some chests bleeding tonight. NOW WE GO TO SCHOOL! Go tear it up and be Ric Flair!

Mick Foley is out in the crowd. Then we hear from the voice of wrestling, Jim Ross! Flair is the best he’s ever seen. He thanks Ric for being a huge part of his career, he wishes he could be there tonight. Business is about to pick up!

Tony & David talk about the Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valliant being backstage. James J. Dillon is in the crowd. We get the longer version of Cody Rhodes’ message, where he says Ric can wrestle as long as he wants. Dusty was Ric’s greatest opponent. Vickie Guerrero is in the crowd. We get a plug for Impact Wrestling’s next big event, Emergence!

(Video) Oh You Didn’t Know?!?!? #17: Producing Ric Flair’s Last Match

Mick Foley is in the second row with his son Hugh! Hugh thinks this is already better than SummerSlam last night. We get the longer version of Nick Aldis’ message to end things on the pre-show!

Bob Caudle welcomes us to another outstanding event presented by Jim Crockett Promotions. Here are David Crockett & Tony Schiavone! Hugo Savinovich & Carlos Cabrera are here to provide the Spanish commentary! BRUTAL BRUTAL BRUTAL!

The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley): Scott D’Amore joins Tony & David on commentary for this Impact Wrestling dream match. D’Amore teases tension between Richards & Edwards since they haven’t teamed for quite some time. Richards & Sabin start. Richards with some rolls on a wristlock, he kicks Sabin’s arm to break the hold and yells AMERICAN WOLVES. Sabin works out of a wristlock, arm drags Richards out of the ring. Richards fools Sabin on the handshake, tags Edwards in. Shelley tags in, we get a sleeperhold with a kick to the gut. ABDOMINAL STRETCH! Sabin makes the tag and kicks Eddie a few times. Double charge into the corner by the Guns, but Richards gets the tag and kicks them both down. Drop toehold into an elbowdrop by the Wolves. Edwards with an eyepoke to Shelley on the floor. D’Amore mentions that Shelley is the only one of these four to not win a major singles title, which is one of the main storylines Impact is doing. Tony obviously has no clue. Meanwhile, the Wolves keep working Shelley over. Richards takes Sabin off the apron, which leads to Sabin running into the ring so the Wolves can lock them both in submissions. Sabin ends up breaking both with a single kick, but the damage was done. Richards with a dragonscrew across the ropes on Shelley. He misses a doublestomp, then Shelley takes both Wolves out with DDTs. Sabin gets the tag! Crosbody onto both! Tornado DDT onto Richards. Sabin does a dive onto both on the outside through Shelley’s legs. Sabin with a PK on Edwards. Richards eats a doubleteam for a close two-count. Edwards breaks up another double team and takes both Guns out with kicks. Both Wolves run into kicks in the corner, but Edwards hits the backpack stunner on Shelley. Double stomp from Richards gets two thanks to Sabin. Series of reversals on a German leads to a cutter, then the Machine Guns hit the Facial. Tony loves the Facial! Skull & Crossbones gets the three count for the MCMG!

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns (10:50 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***1/2

This didn’t quite hit the next level you’d like to see from these two teams, but it was a damn fun sprint.

Bob Caudle does a voice-over about the greatness of Jim Crockett Promotions while we see pictures of the greats of the territory, including the dreaded Four Horsemen. We see some of the same greats in the crowd from earlier.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Killer Kross (w/Scarlett Bordeaux): Joe Dombrowski joins Tony & David for this MLW Showcase! Thank goodness Scarlett is here, if we’re all being honest she’s most of the appeal to the Killer Kross act. Smith takes Kross into the corner, then they exchange headlocks and headscissors. Smith nips out of one. Smith starts working Kross’s left arm. Kross hits a back suplex, Smith hits one, Kross hits one, Smith hits one, Kross hits one, Smith hits one and they finally stop. Time to exchange some strikes. Scarlett yelling HARDER & AGAIN is the MVP of this match. Smith with an inside cradle for two. Then he dumbly rolls back into the Krossjacket, but almost gets a pin out of it. Kross with some big strikes in the corner, then a T-Bone suplex. Hits the Quickening for the three count.

Winner: Killer Kross (5:20 via pin)
Match Rating: **

I can’t say I was a fan of any of this, which is a shame since I had such high hopes for DBS Jr. at one point.

Nick Nemeth, Booker T, Shawn Michaels, Jake Roberts, Will Sasso, Doug Dillinger & Lex Luger have some words for Ric.

Alan Angels vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Konosuke Takeshita vs. Nick Wayne: Ian Riccaboni join Tony & David for the next match. I’ve heard a lot of things about Nick Wayne, this is the first time I’ll be able to see him so I’m hyped for that. Also interested to see what Gresham brings to the table tonight. Winner here gets a shot at the Progress title, which is still a thing. Gresham & Angels start. Wayne comes right in, then Takeshita comes right in. Gresham & Takeshita exchange now, Gresham hits a rana, then hits an elbow. Takeshita blocks the whip, then Angels tags in. Angels & Gresham try a double team but that doesn’t work. Angels hits some strikes that don’t work. Takeshita hits him down with one forearm. Damn it 5! Then Angels gets lariated out of his boots. Wayne comes in and hits a kick or two. Half nelson suplex then a code red gets two. Angels forearms Wayne, tags in Takeshita, who hits a Blue Thunder on Wayne for two. Gresham tags in. Angels & Wayne get up on the turnbuckle, they both moonsault people on the floor! Angels hits a C4 on Wayne dives onto Gresham, back into the ring a lariat gets two. Takeshita deadlift Germans Angels. Gresham hits a moonsault into the ring, dives to the outside, Angels crucifixes Gresham for two, Gresham reverses for two, then hits an O’Connor Roll for two.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham (5:10 via pin)
Match Rating: ***


Fine work here, but they were going quicker than a hiccup. I think Gresham did more dives than usual on purpose, as that’s what works here in the Year of Our Lord 2022.

Nick Aldis joins Tony & David for the next match.

Ricky & Kerry Morton (w/Robert Gibson) vs. Brian Pillman Jr. & Brock Anderson (w/Arn Anderson): I know the match billing says “Rock ‘N’ Roll Express vs. The Four Horsemen”, but I have just enough dignity left to not identify this match as such. Pillman Jr. is wearing his dad’s Horseman tights, so I gotta give that some respect. DROPKICK MIKE POSEY refereeing. Pillman & Kerry start. Pillman working Kerry on the mat. Pillman kicks out of a wristlock. He walks on Kerry’s back and is feeling his oats as a heel while Robert starts a Rock ‘N’ Roll chant. Kerry kicks on a backdrop attempt, Brock gets kicked out of the ring, monkey flip, hip toss, then the Mortons exchange right hands on Brian. Brock tags in and settles things down. He wants Ricky! Good luck with that! Ricky takes the advantage on that. Brock misses in the corner, then Ricky does the ten punches in the corner. Tag to Kerry, and a double dropkick! Unfortunately, Kerry gets isolated afterwards. Brock’s working that Anderson stomp, introduces him to Pillman’s knee. Pillman tags in, kicks the spine. Kerry reverses a vertical suplex, but Pillman takes him down. Ricky tags in! Gourdbuster from Brock, and he gets the pin on Ricky Goshdarn Morton!

Winners: Brian Pillman Jr. & Brock Anderson (7:40 via pinfall)
Match Rating: **1/2

As much as I hated the idea of extending the Horseman branding to Pillman Jr. & Brock, they did their best to earn it. I respect that.

Bandido vs. Laredo Kid vs. Rey Fenix vs. Taurus: Dombrowski returns for the AAA Showcase, and is excited to hear David’s reaction to the nonsense that is sure to follow. Lots of rollups immediately. Taurus clotheslines Fenix & Laredo out of the ring, runs into Bandido’s boot in the corner and eats a top-rope dropkick. Laredo takes control in the ring. Slams Bandido down, misses a tornilo. Fenix kicks Bandido down. Fenix kicks Taurus in the corner. Fenix does some amazing things walking the ropes and springboarding. Taurus sent outside, Fenix hits a cutter on Bandido for two. Fenix keeps trying to springboard on Bandido, doesn’t work, Bandido hits a twisting crossbody for two. Laredo comes in to work over Bandido. One-arm Gorilla press by Bandido on Laredo, then the around the world 5 times headscissors on Taurus! Laredo cuts Bandido off before he can fly again! The fans are loving this! Laredo & Taurus…Taurus hits the lungblower. Bandido gets suplexed into the corner. Taurus dives onto all three men on the outside! Taurus walks into a kick from Fenix, but he then slams Fenix & everybody else in the match. Bandido follows Taurus up to the turnbuckle, things are exchanged, Laredo & Taurus are up top, it ends up in an Avalanche Gorilla Press Slam! Then Taurus gets superkicked by the other two. Laredo crucifix bombs Taurus, Taurus goes outside, then Bandido hits a freaking Code Red on the outside because that’s what Bandido does. Fenix dives onto Bandido! Laredo hits a corkscrew plancha! Bandido stops Laredo on the turnbuckle, then we see the flipping fallaway slam onto the other two folks! Bandido goes for the 21plex, but Fenix blocks. Taurus Germans Rey, there’s a double stomp that gets 2. FIGHT FOREVER! Fenix hits a Fear Factor on Taurus and gets the three count!

Winner: Rey Fenix (11:50 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ****

These guys went completely insane and anybody that can book them should. All four of these guys can add to any show they are on.

Impact World Championship Match: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Jacob Fatu: Tom Hannifan joins Tony & David at the booth, and Tony actually puts him over! Tom notes that he’s the only wrestling announcer that enters to his actual college’s fight song. Alexander kicks Fatu in the corner, hip tosses him, but Fatu gets him in the other corner. Alexander with a shotgun dropkick. Elbowblock off the ropes. Alexander works Fatu’s ankle. Fatu hits a rana after getting out of it! They exchange shots on the apron, Fatu wins that battle. Alexander meets Fatu up top and suplexes him! Conrad paid for reinforcements to the ring. Fatu hits a freaking flop dive off the top rope. Alexander goes for the C4 spike, Fatu blocks, hits a handspring moonsault for two. HOW IS THIS GUY NOT SIGNED ALREADY? Alexander hits a Northern Lights suplex for two. Fatu keeps blocking that spike, superkicks Josh down. Fatu hits a freaking Perfect 10 for a two count. What the hell? Alexander goes to the anklelock, Fatu kicks out of it. Alexander hits a clothesline, hits a freaking powerbomb into a backbreaker like he’s Roderick Strong for two. Fatu blocks a suplex, springboards into a forearm, then Josh knocks him to the floor with a crossbody. Fatu with a goshdarn flop over the top rope onto Alexander. Fatu hits a moonsault and somehow Alexander kicks out of that. Holy Hell. Alexander hitting those Rolling Germans. Fatu hanging onto the ropes for a second, gets suplexed, but still reverses into a Samoan Drop. Oh good lord, we’ve got Brian Myers, Matt Cardona & Mark Sterling running in for a DQ.

Winner: Nobody (10:30, no contest)
Match Rating: ***

Fortunately Josh & Jacob had enough sense to bounce those fools, and let DDP come in to Diamondcut the Smart Mark. I would have gone higher on that star rating otherwise…Josh Alexander & Jacob Fatu are both ridiculously underrated and can deliver with anybody they’re booked with.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is in the locker room with Jeff & Jerry Jarrett! With all due respect to Jeff & Jerry Jarrett & Jay Lethal, there’s no better man to cut a promo in Tennessee than The King. He makes sure to do a shoutout to Jackie Fargo, who innovated that strut.

(Video) Major WWE Returns, Logan Paul Stands Out, Ric Flair's Last Match | Spotlight

Marshall & Ross Von Erich vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe: Ian re-joins Tony & David for this one. The Von Erichs get an advantage on Mark early. Then the Briscoes get their advantage. Stomping down on Ross. Chicken laying in those chops. Von Erichs get sent on the outside. Jay dives onto both of them. I so hope these boys get uncancelled at some point. Mark cannonball sentons off a chair onto both Von Erichs. Now the Von Erichs work over Jay. Mark tags back in, and he’s all about that redneck kung-fu. The Redneck Boogie gets blocks. The Claw doesn’t, that leads into a slam for two. Jay clotheslines Ross down, hits a neckbreaker, and Mark hits the Froggybow for three.

Winners: Jay & Mark Briscoe (7:45 via pinfall
Match Rating: ***

I love the Briscoes as much as any human being could love a tag team. They did the best they could do with these kids.

Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Rachael Ellering: Tom has re-joined Tony & David for this match. Rachael entering the ring to some Pat Benetar. Jordynne has never beaten either of these folks one on one. Rachael apparently rolled her ankle here in the first minute. It was fine. Ellering & Grace going back & forth. Grace hits some moves in the corner, then a Vader bomb gets two. Purrazzo goes up top, hits a crossbody for two. She gets blocked from some moves, hits a standing moonsault for two. Ellering & Grace exchange some blows. Grace spinebusts Ellering, then Purrazzo hits an armbar on Grace, then some exchanges happen and it all gets broken up. TOWER OF DOOM! Deonna goes for the Queen’s Gambit, ends up in the Grace Driver, we’ve got some reversals ending up in a rear naked choke and Ellerring taps out.

Winner: Jordynne Grace (9:05 via submission)
Match Rating: **1/2

Really not sure why they didn’t strap Deonna up here, as she’s the best wrestler in that classification.

The Undertaker & Michelle McCool joined Mick Foley at ringside for the next match.

Ric Flair & Andrade El Idolo vs. Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal (w/Karen Jarrett): We’re doing that Last Outlaw entrance for Double J. He looks like Double J in TNA, to be perfectly honest. Get in the ring, ya asshole. Tony got mad that he pushed Conrad Thompson around, but anybody with half a brain knows Conrad got off on that. Ric has a black t-shirt under his robe, he’s also got the Big Gold Belt under that robe! We all know it’s the original since Conrad bought it. Mike Chioda is the referee, as I understand it it’ll be his last match too. DAVID PENZER will make the introductions. And he does a damn good job with those introductions. Flair & Jarrett want each other, we’ll see where it goes. They’ll start this match! Flair slaps JJ! Jarrett tags Lethal, as he’s the better hand at this point. Some smack being talked. Lethal takes Flair over with a headlock, Flair headscissors out of it. The fans will tell Flair he still has it, and Flair hits a headlock takeover. Lethal gets out of it. Into the corner. Flair pokes him. Lethal wants Andrade, so Flair complies. Lethal & Andrade exchange blows. Jarrett tags in and lands some blows. Andrade with some hip tosses. Flair makes the tag and Jarrett runs off to the corner. They face off. Jarrett does that Fargo Strut. Flair gonna do his own Fargo Strut. We got a Karen upset at ringside. Flair chopping Jarrett, Lethal wanders into a mule kick. Andrade comes in to back Ric up. Flair stomps Lethal, then chops him in the corner. Looking good! Some more chops. Lethal takes a chop, and Andrade tags back in. Lethal hits an Injection on Andrade thanks to Jarrett, and here we go. Lethal hits the double axehandle on Andrade. Lethal stomps a mudhole in Andrade and walks it dry. Lethal hits the hip toss into a dropkick on Andrade, only two. Andrade hits a suplex on JJ, both men are down, but Flair wanders into the ring without a tag. Lethal does the Flair bump in the turnbuckle into the top rope, Flair chops him down after. Flair locks in the Figure 4, but Jarrett breaks it up. JJ wants Karen’s shoe like it’s 1995 Nitro. Megan Flair has had enough of this nonsense, and Karen will f’n kill her. Wendi is over there too. I can only assume that Conrad’s wife is the one not wearing much. Jarrett goes after Flair in the ring. Lethal joins the proceedings. Lethal hits the vertical suplex! Andrade makes the save. Tag to JJ. He locks in the Figure 4, but other folks make the save. Lethal gets the tag. Goes up top, misses the Hail To The King elbow! Andrade & JJ both get the tag! Some offense gets exchanged, a DDT from Andrade to JJ gets met with a foot on the rope. Lethal wipes out Chioda with a superkick, which leads to a tag to Flair. Let’s see who runs in to make a count for Flair on Lethal. Nobody yet, and Jeff has a guitar. Lethal holds Flair for that guitar, it ends up with Lethal getting whacked. Conrad threw Andrade some brass knucks? Flair hits Jarrett with those knucks. We need a referee! Dave Miller runs down while Ric has Jeff in the Figure 4!

Winners: Ric Flair & Andrade El Idolo (27:00 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***1/2

As I expected once this match was announced, Ric was put in there with the best people to keep him safe while getting some heat.

We got Bret Hart, Mick Foley & The Undertaker out here at ringside putting this guy over. Tony went down too, letting Ric & everybody know that Ric is the greatest pro wrestler ever. I second that! He mentions his match here with Ricky Steamboat, which was everything for me as a young wrestling fan.



(Video) SummerSlam Review, Ric Flairs Last Match, Plus Sasha Banks & Naomi | Monday Night Live #9


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